The valuation team of Baker Tilly has over 10 years practices in working with the largest companies in all business segments. We supported the largest IPO of Ukrainian companies, represented clients in international courts, assist in engaging of more than a billion dollars of loans, participated in the M&A transactions of companies, assisted in structuring deals with intangibles and carried out assessment of key government assets.

We position ourselves as an appraisal company in TOP-3 in Ukraine, with a team of over 20 people and a portfolio of more than 1,000 works performed.

A special group of transfer pricing has been working in company since 2013, which include auditors, tax advisers, lawyers, appraisers and IT professionals from Ukrainian and European offices. Constantly, only on TP projects in Ukrainian office works 12 professionals.

Our experts are part of the various working groups in the ministries that deal with TP and taxation problems. Over the last year we have successfully implemented more than 40 TP projects in Ukraine. Our colleagues from the European operations Baker Tilly three times recognized as the best TP specialists in Europe.

Baker Tilly is working with service providers of the most comprehensive and authoritative source of information of TP in Ukraine – SC “Derzhzovnishinform” and international agency Bureau van Dijk, provider databases TP Ruslana, Amadeus, TP Catalyst and Orbis.

Baker Tilly provides services aimed to find the best solutions to improve the efficiency of corporate debt management.

Construction audit is a comprehensive service that allows you to manage investments, exclude excess costs for work and materials, to ensure control at all stages of design and construction. 

Baker Tilly specialists will also help with the resolution of legal and tax issues, hold evaluation the cost of subsequent maintenance of the object.