ООО Zarbuloq Injiniring 


Сферы деятельности

Строительство, недвижимость, эксплуатация, проектирование

ООО Zarbuloq Injiniring 

Zarbuloq Injiniring is certified and licensed by the State Architecture and Construction Inspectorate (SACI) in fifth category for performance of design works on construction of water resource and agriculture structures and related facilities. Our engineers together with industry leaders have successfully performed design works for: building civil works, foundation drawings for imported plant and equipment, seismic retrofitting simulation, shotcrete works, rehabilitation of irrigation canals, and other related designs.  

In addition, Zarbuloq Injiniring in cooperation with our partners from U.S.A. such as Kalmatron Corp. and KYPIPE have successfully completed pipeline related engineering serves such as design for our revolutionary pipeline internal shotcrete coating solution, anchor support foundation calculation, drawings for complex fabrications like elbows and y-connectors, simulation of pipeline hydraulic hammer and overall pipeline system’s safety of operation. 

We are proud of the talent and creativity of our engineers and partners since because of heir help Zarbuloq Injiniring has been able to repeatedly bring value to our customers by producing unique solutions to complex engineering tasks.  Below is the list for some of the engineering and design works we do today.