Сферы деятельности

Информационные технологии, системная интеграция, интернет


OreDale is a European Software and Web Application Development company with offices in Ukraine and the United Kingdom. It was initially formed in February 2006.

Our team is experienced in custom coding and modification of third-party PHP/MySQL, HTML, AJAX Web Applications. Each developer has a BA in Computer Science and is capable of working efficiently solo and as part of a team.

Our offices are a relaxed environment where developers work closely with each other with support from a number of Senior Developers and System Administrators.


To create non-trivial IT solutions that give
customer’s business sufficient edge over competitors.


The main distinguishing feature of our company expressed in our slogan is in-depth understanding of wide variety of modern information technologies.

The traditional shortcoming in the IT industry is the lock-in on the single technology from one vendor. It is usually based on false assumption of technological “silver bullet”. Customers suffer every time this “ultimate” technology does not suit the real world requirements.

We do not consider such an approach decent. We keep learning and testing the whole variety of available technologies to apply them adequately. We promise that we will not force our customers to hammer in their screw-nails just because we are affiliated with manufacturer of hammers.