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XITEX Software 

XITEX Software is an advanced software development company. We offer offshore software development: the high-quality software at a reasonable price.

XITEX Software is your total IT solution provider. We strive for providing a whole range of custom software development, Web design, Content Management, and Internet services for you, covering even the most demanding technical needs.

Based in Ukraine (Eastern Europe), one of the largest IT centers of the world, we do value your money and time. Therefore, we invest in people. Our staff, whether it is technical or marketing, can definitely be named the most committed group of professionals.

Apart from others, we do invest in security and technology. Our headquarter and each workplace is equipped with the most reliable software and technique. Although without any immoderation, our infrastructure emphasizes rational pragmatism. We are to develop custom software. So we have everything for it.

We are together with you, every step of the way!

Our Mission
We in XITEX Software believe that only innovative and professional approach to each problem can lead company to business success.

Our mission is to help companies to make easier their business widening through the use of the best-of-breed technologies and solutions.

Our Vision
    *   We are transparent in our activities and are always striving for providing our customers with the best services they need and ever can achieve.
    *  We realize that there are no limits for excellence but we do our best to make our solutions perfect.
    *  We understand that only permanent development process makes the company alive, so there will be never the last version of our solutions.
   * For the best services our client can achieve we have established the team work of numerous professionals in different areas.
    *  We are convinced that there are no wrong opinions and we are open to everything new.

Our Values
We value our people most of all. Without a solid team of committed professionals, any other value would be impossible to realize. That is why we make a strict selection and a permanent education of our staff members.

Client’s goals
Your final goal and your requirements are the cornerstone of any our project. We will never sacrifice any feature you would like to see or would deem useful. Custom approach in custom software development is our motto.

Quality is the most important thing we strive for at the each stage of the project. With our quality control approach and testing processes, you will hardly find any bug in our software. Moreover, you will get flexible and scalable for further modifications product.

We will never charge you for unnecessary things such as fancy office we have or something like that. We care about people and quality. So we charge for this only. Such asceticism makes you able to get custom software for the most reasonable price.

Do you want to meet an opportunity of joining a new technologies world? Is your aim a professional growth and a good career?

If you are open to innovations and original approaches, welcome to XITEX Software!

What we offer is:
   1. A stable team of experienced professionals.
   2. Corporative trainings.
   3. Challenging projects.
   4. Openness to your innovations.

What we require is your strong will to improve your professional skills.

We are glad to welcome you in our company if you are ambitious, purposeful young or experienced professional, having a good style and bold ideas!