Trust International B.V. 


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Trust International B.V. 

Trust International has established itself within 25 years as Europe’s only independent manufacturer of affordable, attractive, easy to use and up-to-date computer accessories for PC, Notebook and Netbook, aimed at the consumer market.  The wide and innovative range of approximately 300 products is continuously updated by the company's own Research and Development units in Europe and Asia in order to meet the latest market trends and technological developments.

The Trust organisation has its focus on operational excellence with one goal in mind: “Make your life easy”.  By providing a wide range of quality products at a competitive price level Trust functions as a Solutions brand for both Trust partners as well as end-users.

Trust International B.V. ( has more than 200 professional employees working in 21 branches throughout Europe and Asia and is active in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  The products are available via all national and pan-European retailers, resellers and distributors.

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